Dear valued Bway customer

In the recent months you may have noticed the google chrome browser showing a grey exclamation mark in the address bar see pic below

This is to advise you that not all content on the page is using a secure protocol ( HTTPS) to download and display content to you . Starting July 2018 google chrome will start to display “Not Secure” on all standard non encrypted HTTP webpages

What this means for you as an individual or business is two things

1. Ensure you and your staff do not enter personal or credit card details into a website that is not secured

2. If you are hosting a website for your business ensure that your website meets all the new enforced security standards.

Note: If you have a company website either hosted by us at Bway or with a third party and require more information on how to secure it better then please contact us asap. We are more than happy to work with your existing web team should the need arise.