With the release of a lot of new tablets and laptops that run a Hi definition screen with a small screen size they have experienced issues with the font being so fine (hard to read). This is not an issue when docked on an external screen.

The problem arises when using remote desktop to Windows Server 2008R2 or prior. This is the majority of customers as server 2012 is only getting a foothold in business as we speak. Server 2012 has a scaling feature built in that can be set by us

If you have windows  windows 8.1 on a desktop you can install Microsoft windows remote desktop client 10. ( Its native to windows 10) . this allows only after connection a Zoom feature that can scale it . You may still need to scroll etc on the screen.


There are a few other ways we make changes on the server side but this is only for certain versions of windows Server as well as a specific version of remote desktop client.

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If you need any assistance with changing the client settings please call us during our standard support hours 8am to 6pm weekdays

If the changes are required on the server side please have you internal administration staff contact us.